The Story

Becoming was started in 2007 by Tracey Graves as a hobby, while staying home with her young twin daughters. As a self-taught jewelry designer, she loved the challenge of figuring out how to create what was in her head, and as the ideas began to flow, it quickly became apparent that her crafting hobby could become a business.

In 2012, she began working full-time on the business and launched her first wholesale line, and began working with shops around New England to create special pieces to serve as reminders of special places. Soon after, the business took another growth leap, and Tracey opened her first shop and studio in Kennebunk, ME, while continuing to grow the wholesale line.

An avid reader, lover of words and quotes, she takes inspiration from her reading and the people and places around her. Tracey is constantly bringing that inspiration to the jewelry she creates, translating the messages and reminders to a pieces that will hold meaning to the person wearing it.

For inquiries or orders, please call us at 301.468.1122

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