Morning Glory - Pink- Facebook 5 x 5

Belle Étoile, pronounced “bell eh-twahl,” is a French and Italian designed jewelry company, and in French, Belle Étoile means “beautiful star.” They strive to capture the natural grace and sensuality of the modern woman by skillfully crafting each piece with the most delicate details and materials such as nickel allergy-free rhodium-plated sterling silver and hand-painted Italian enamels to express femininity, individuality, and above all, beauty.

Belle Étoile's mission is to provide the modern woman with a beautiful, elegant, and fashion forward jewelry line. They take inspiration from European trends and play with color to create rich, bold and fun pieces while maintaining comfort and high-quality workmanship in each piece. Quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional value are the cornerstones of their philosophy.

Belle Étoile's essential goal is to make every woman her own beautiful star.

For inquiries or orders, please call us at 301.468.1122

*Text modified from Belle Etoile website.