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About Honora

For over 60 years, Honora has stood for value and quality in the jewelry industry. Today Honora specializes in bringing the very best in Freshwater Pearls since they arrived on the market over 20 years ago.

These revolutionary Cultured Pearls are over 90% pearl nacre and offer the widest array of pearl shapes as well as pearl colors. Honora is the largest importer of Freshwater Pearls in the United States and focuses on the top 3-5% of the pearl harvest.

The Freshwater Pearls that Honora specializes in are one of the three main types of Cultured Pearls along with South Sea Pearls and Akoya Pearls.  The term Cultured Pearls is often misunderstood or misused, but the meaning is actually rather simple, a Cultured Pearl is any pearl product where man starts the pearl growth process.

For inquiries or orders please call us at 301.468.1122

*Text modified from Honora Pearls website.