Jorge Revilla’s relationship with design and creativity started when he began to study Fashion and Design in his home town of Burgos, Spain, studies which he then continued in London. His passion for travel and his interest in other cultures led him to get to know many countries very well. It was on his travels that he began to feel a passion for natural stones, those small gifts of nature, filled with colour and life, which have slowly but surely become the main focal point of his life. In 1993, at the age of 23, he decided to select the most special and representative stones of each country and market them in Spain. This became his first commercial contact with a world that has intrigued him for years.
In 1996, together with his sister, Gloria, a designer, he created the current Jorge Revilla Company. The force behind the birth of this new company was to reach even deeper in this passion for natural stones and find the most appropriate way of expressing all their beauty in silver jewelry with stones.


Extremely familiar with and knowledgeable about natural stones and their countries of origin, one of his secrets is to acquire the appropriate stone directly from each place. Stones, that are chosen and selected one by one in a search for the luminosity, colour and maximum transparency of each one. Under this strict and personal selection only is it possible to understand the entire working philosophy of Jorge Revilla. The combination of stones and silver is one of the fundaments of the design work of Jorge Revilla, who sees silver as a warm and ductile material that is better than no other for materialising his ideas and shapes. That same sense of selection and the use of his capacity for adapting in shapes are applied in the creations that are made exclusively in plain sterling silver.



In his designs, Jorge Revilla looks for the best expression of his feeling, with the use of color, light, Mediterranean sensuality and warm shapes, which reflect the forms present in the nature of his surroundings. The designs create silver jewels that are filled with sophistication, made to dazzle and surprise. However, the jewels for today’s modern woman, who works out of the home and needs shapes and materials that let her feel comfortable and free are never overlooked. Silver jewels that she can change to suit her clothes and the state of mind with which she begins each day. It is in this possibility of change where Jorge Revilla feels more at ease, since it allows him to unleash the entirety of his creativity.

There are occasions when the particular beauty of a stone makes the design work around it, but on others, it is the subtlety of the shape which leads the search for stones that best suit the shape being sought. Consideration is also given to the seasons and the change in the light depending on the month in a search for designs and colors that best reflect the situation.
Sensitivity, intuition and boldness are fundamental factors when creating for Jorge Revilla. As soon as one collection is finished, he is dragged on to create another. Sensations, the rhythm of life and everyday changes lead him to create something new. An event, a journey, a new landscape, a person, the light of the street or a wine, which is another of his passions, are the driving force behind his inspiration. For Jorge Revilla, being open to experiment and feel something new everyday is a way of life that is always put across in his silver designs.

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*Text modified from Jorge Revilla website.