About Marahlago

Marahlago was founded by Marah and Adrian with the dream of combining the premier gems with excellent jewelry designs and settings to create treasured pieces that would be appealing and at the same time help larimar become more widely known. Larimar was recently discovered in the Dominican Republic when fishermen found some white and green colored pebbles on a beach. An earthquake had dislodged some pieces that fell into a river and tumbled downstream until they eventually washed up on the shoreline. Amazingly, it is still possible to walk about the beaches and with the help of local children, find some treasures.

The local people are central to everything Marahlago does and larimar is an enormous source of pride for them. The gemstone supports entire villages surrounding the mine and knowing that every piece made has a positive impact on their lives makes us appreciate how lucky we are to carry the Marahlago Larimar jewelry line. When you buy a piece of Marahlago larimar, you are not just getting a beautiful piece of jewelry; you are directly helping to support an entire community.

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For inquiries or orders please call us at 301.468.1122

*Text modified from Marahlago website.